Easton Shane is an American singer and songwriter known for his crazy socks, mad guitar skills and creating a unique upbeat twist on pop country.  In August of 2016, at just 13, Easton signed as the youngest Endorsed Artist for Heritage Guitars, Inc in the nation.  Easton picked up his first guitar and started playing at the age of 4, now at 15 he is a 3X National Downbeat soloist award winner for the Blues/Pop/Rock Junior High Division  and was recognized for his guitar playing abilities.  

In addition to writing and producing his own songs,  Easton directs his own band, BEKM, and is a member of the award winning, Best of State, One Voice Children's Choir (OVCC) under the direction of Masa Fukuda. Easton toured as an ambassador for the United States to Normandy, France in 2017 as part of their D-Day celebrations.  Easton also plays in the Advanced Jazz Band at his school,  and has played and toured with Caleb Chapman Soundhouse,  EPOCH Orchestra (Contemporary Pop ) and Little Big Band under the direction of Caleb Chapman, the President of Jazz Education Network.   He has also played with Jukebox Antihero (Rock) and the Lonely Hearts Club (Beatles) .

At fifteen, Easton has shared the stage and played with Brandon Campbell from Neon Trees, Jerry Cortez, from Tower of Power, Ndugu Chancler (Michael Jacksons original drummer from “Billy Jean”), Robbie Connoly from Fictionist,  Rashawn Ross from the Dave Mathews Band, as well as Chris Pierce, Wycliff Gordan, Victor Wooten and Jeff Coffin. He has toured with his bands Jukebox Antihero and Little Big Band to Anaheim, CA and San Francisco, CA and was a performer at JEN 2015 in Louisville, KY.  Easton has recorded songs for Janice Kapp Perry, Kamie Bolen,  and David Osmond. He has made his own music videos and has also participated in music videos with the Soundhouse, Alex Boye’, Peter Hollens, Vocal Point and OVCC.  He was most recently a featured soloist in "Just Like This" cover of Chainsmokers/Coldplay with the One Voice Children's Choir.

In addition to music, Easton enjoys being outdoors, is an active member of his LDS Faith, an Eagle Scout and works with Special Needs Kids on a weekly basis.  Easton just released his first EP "Roll With It", in October 2017 with music producer, Greg Hansen, it is available on iTunes, CDbaby, and Amazon.  He has also released two music videos  "The Girlfriend I Don't Have" and "This Uniform's for You" on YouTube and an original Christmas Single "You're What's Missing".


Photographer: Shane Christiansen

Web Design: Gavin Lunsford

Musician: Easton Shane Christiansen